Loves Perfect Gift

A symbol of faith, that represents Jesus and his undying love for us. The new redesigned Jesus fish is comprised of three very meaningful components, with one additional and essential detail, that was preserved to honor the original design and use of the Ichthys (Fish), symbol.

1. The Heart represents the unparalleled Love that God has for us all, for God is Love.
2. The Seven is the biblical number of Perfection and Completion.
3. The Cross represents the Gift that was given to us, by way of Jesus being sent to die for our sins.
4. The additional detail that was preserved to honor the original design is the use of the two intersecting arcs, with the ends of the right side, extending beyond the meeting point, to resemble the profile of a fish. This simple design outline was quickly used by believers to determine, friend or foe, which meant, life or death.

Love’s Perfect Gift, is excited to welcome you to a new, creative and trendy Faith-Based clothing experience, with an understood meaning. Our garments are well-made, quality crafted and fashionably eye-catching. L.P.G., stands behind the quality of our clothing line, and also our accessories and gifts.

Join us on our mission to bring unity, fellowship and love, back to the body of believers. This is a movement to be celebrated, and with your support, that can be achieved.

God has created good in this world, let’s find it in each other. We all carry God’s love in our hearts on the inside, let’s not be afraid to show his love, on the outside. Are you ready to take The Jesus Fish symbol to the next level?

“The New Jesus Fish”

Rock the symbol. It is the symbol of your faith.

Be proud, and wear it well!